Ronin: Chrome & Shadows

is a brand new Savage Worlds setting book complete with Plot Point Adventure as well as a cyberpunk and post-apocalyptic toolkit. This project will be the premier product line for Glove & Goggle Labs.

  Ronin is an exciting new spin on an old dystopian dynamic. The streets are still a horrific place. The shining palaces of the rich and powerful are still grotesquely opulent and ornate. Corporations still run what is left of the world they have helped to destroy, but lying amongst the rubble there are faint glimmers of hope. Just don't let those glimmers fool you in to thinking the world is going to change without problems. It is a rare thing indeed for those in power to let go of it easily.

  In addition to the glimmering towers and desolate barrens of the traditional cyberpunk landscape, you will also find an irradiated post-apocalyptic waste full of genetically designed super-predator bio-horrors beyond the walls of the metroplexes that sparsely dot the globe. Humanity has been splintered as well, with almost every conceivable combination of biological and synthetic humanoid imaginable walking the streets. From full conversion cyborgs to genetic cross-species splicing, it's all out there and ready for your character sheet. Last but not least, there is virtual reality and the new breed of technomancers known as Sirens that are slowly becoming its masters. Oh, and don't forget the orbital platforms. Anyone with real money left this dirt ball a while back.

Ronin is currently undergoing revisions. A beta test document is expected by the end of the 2013 calendar year, and a new Kickstarter attempt will be getting under way in the Summer of 2014. We hope to see you all there!